Las Vegas, Nevada

Dear PCH

When I receive a email, it always makes me feel that my prize will come shortly, but shortly never comes. As for the day you state that the prize patrol will be here on April 25th and you make sure your nice and clean and try to make the house some what presentable, it really irratates a person when nothing pulls up outside. And then there is the issue that NOBODY really wins and that is why you can never find out who or where any winnert is or was. I know complaining never helps but even if you never read this, its my only way for me to let my frustrations out.

I figure I don't have too much time left for me to be able to enjoy it if I wait the 5-10 years later. I just need the money for a very expencive operation and a lousy $100. won;t pay for admidmissions.

Oh well, maybe in my next life.


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I know just how you feel! I have been buying, entering, buying entering for over 30 years I am ashamed to say how much I've spent, and how many times I've entered, and how many times they make you believe your going to win, Just once I'd like to BELIEVE!!! Yeah Right!!


I agree - I've been entering for about 40 years - nothing at all has come my way.... nothing.