Jackson, Mississippi
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I have been entering pch contest since i was 18yrsold.i am now 34.the past 3 yrs. i have gotten a notice that i have won something and it would be delivered at the end of the month.it never came.pch is all the time promiseing me money if i just fill out and send in the contest papers.well i have been do ing this *** for 16 yrs.and was told at least 2 or 3 time i won something but never recieved it.and other entries have never won anything .pch your ful of ***.

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My name is linda I have never won any thing no one and Mississippi have I think pch just want to make you think you can win and have you stressed out


You guys lie all the time and I'm done being lied to.Ive been told u have won,just enter to get your money..time to get a lawyer and sue their lying ______..


Yeah I was in Boulder and PCH illegally sold my DNA to the authorities on the lie that I had won something.To steal my Dna from the envelope.I know this was done to me by PCH .I just wonder how many others this was done to


I have never seen a real winner on PCH and get email from PCH in more than one name saying they same thing. This show me it is a scam. :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :(


Yeah they keep saying the same *** I'd live to win but I really dontfelliit's going to happen. Its like they make money off of you logging in.


don't fell like the lone ranger I have been entering with PCH daily now for over five years and have entered the contest by mail before on line since I was 23 I am now 59 ....do I fell *** sometimes but you can not win if you do not entered. :cry


:? :upset :x :(


Go to the casinos. Your odds of winning are a lot better.You odds of winning at PCH are slim to none.


Go to the casinos. Your odds of winning are a lot better.You odds of winning at PCH are slim to none.


Read the letters and stuffings closer. It says you have the opportunity to, or qualify for, or have a chance to, win.

They are very careful with the language, but on cursory reading, you think you really have won something, but you have not. On the good side, they are not outright scam artists as they do not ask you for any money to collect your "winnings." They only want you to place an order for something they are selling.

I have never been able to wade thru all the *** they send and figure out for sure just how to enter---there are so many things to do, paste here, there, etc. that I give up and throw the junk away.