Saco, Maine
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I have repeatedly responded to emails requesting me to take advantage of potentially winning millions of dollars. And, before I can submit my entry, I repeated get bounced out by other Publisher Clearing House's games to play and/or searches to complete.

Then, I am hounded by emails telling me how I need to respond, I'm losing out, etc. It has become very anoying and frustrating. I want to submit an entry, but am unable to do so.

Just send me your material in the mail and stop hounding and frustrating me on-line. Thanking you in advance.

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I agree! get all these emails for publishers clearing house to respond and deliberately blocked out to get thru or explorer dont work to send it thru,just a scam to buy products with cover nothing has to be bought to enter?Hockey Puck!!!really stop annoying people ,trying to put contest thru and it is stopped??Have a good day!

got nothing better to do all day but keep trying ?? :grin