Tucker, Georgia

package arrived via ups, open and empty.I am cancelling all orders.I REFUSE to pay for something that I have not received.The package was torn across the top,and all the contents was removed.The invoice and other billing material remain intact on the front of the package.I have never had this problem and will not be ordering anything else through this company again.I am mailing the billing statement back to P.C.H.without payment, and cancelling the backorder.I do not want to receive any mailing from P.C.H.for anything,not even prize winning bulletins.

Monetary Loss: $16.

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To Regina- Who i the World Sends Money in the mail? :x It has nothing todo withthis story.


Pch is *** me off too, but for a different reason, but I would like to commet that last year my husband received a big envelope for his birthday that was supposed to have $ and birthday card from his family. He received it torn in half with the $ gone.

Bottom lie, our wonderful post office workers are stealing our packages and any mail that looks of value. If it happens to u please report it so people like this can be fired.


Your complaint makes ZERO sense!! Obviously the issue was caused by the shipper, not PCH.

Why are you not filing a claim with UPS?!?

I mean really, get a clue. :roll :roll