Caldwell, Kansas

I have been trying to enter your sweepstakes, following the promps, and cannot finish the process unless

I buy something! I have always bought things when I want or need them, but do not want anything I am

seeing on the Sweepstakes !It indicates that No purchase is necessary but I get the runaround to go back

to look at the products for sale. Which I do NOT like, and I'm growing more and more unhappy with

Publisher's Clearing House. Also you state that if I buy one more item I will be placed on a more privileged level, but I have yet to see that either. I have been a loyal customer for many years and have of course wanted to win, but that has never happened. I am totally unhappy with Publisher's Clearing House!! Marvalee Osborn

1361 C Street

Manchester, Okla. 73758

Product or Service Mentioned: Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes.

Monetary Loss: $1.

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I am so DAM TIRED of PCH.Everytime i open up my labtop the first e-mail i see is from PCH.PCH I DO NOT WANT ANYTHING YOU HAVE TO OFFER.Please STAY THE *** OFF MY E-MAIL.WTF.


I reside in TEXAS,And i enter the SWEEPSTAKES often.I do not buy anything from PCH,But i can still go online and enter the SWEEPSTAKES without an order being placed.When you get to the last page,All you have to do is press CONTINUE and This will take you thru the next step.Try this maybe it will help you.


I too have Tried to enter the pch sweepstakes online but, if you don't purchase anything you are told if you leave the webpage you therefore forfeit your entry. Then the statement "No Purchase Necessary" must be false!

That is not good business and appears fraudulent and misleading. Publishers Clearing House, Stop misleading people.

Allow us to choose if or when we want to buy anything with no risks of forfeiting our entries. :(


If i pray for you to win will you pray for me too ? my mom is 79 has entered most her life wituoht winning yet,i will pray you get this money as well.i think they should spread out the money more so that more people can benefit from it , this woman was worthy of the winning she has experienced, seems she will care for a lot with it ,,you are in my prayers for real,I need to win so bad i cry about it, when i see this,i try to pretend it is me in hopes it will bring it my way