Pittsfield, Massachusetts
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Until now I have had fun entering the contests for the dream of making big bucks. I have been unemployed for nearly two years, and am attempting to build my own business.

I do not have extra money for frivolous things. Now they tell me I ordered a magazine geared toward a young woman, I am 60 years old. It is a magazine I never heard of, and would not order anyway because I do not buy magazines. I read books.

PCH will do anything to make money off the public.

Do not respond to their emails. The same can happen to you.

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The same thing has happened to me. Ordered an item and they sent me a magazine that they said I ordered.

I don't order magazines. Again today I received two orders, one of which I didn't order.

Do not want to take the time to send back and pay for shipping. I am done with them and will not order ever again from them.


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also just informed I ordered hangers--WTF/! Now I can't get through to their customer service via e-mail. I'm sure now I'll have to call the toll free number and have Apu tell me that "they understand my frustration" once again--I'm so sick and tired of just about everything


I love Public Clearing House and I have faith that even after years of playing I will win I think the games are for entertainment but for the second i be hoping i win too.


i am being billed for something i did not order, they are demanding payment of $18 for something. get this PCH I DID NOT ORDER ANYTHING, TAKE ME OFF YOUR LIST AND LOOSE MY EMAIL ADDRESS.!!


PCH is a total scam, period. If you play enough times without purchasing anything, you are automatically blocked from completing a game.Once this scam is uncovered, some people will be spending time with Bubba in jail instead of working at PCH.


Both PCH and Readers Digest lure people into subscriptions by utilizing sweepstakes entries which, if you are not very careful, can cause you to sign up for magazine subscriptions. In the case of Readers Digest, when you do this, they send you a thank you email and say you cannot respond to this email.

You have to go to their site and search around and then email them with your order number telling them you did not subscribe. They will then email you back saying you have to wait three days or so for it to hit their computers, etc. The best way to deal with these dopes is to just let the subscription arrive in the mail and when you get the billing invoice, go online and cancel it out. Easy as pie and you also will get at least one magazine before they can stop the subscription.

What they really need to do is send you a confirmation email and if you agree that you really want to subscribe, you click the link, etc----just like may online newsletter sites. But, if RD and PCH don't mind sending out bad subs, then I don't mind getting free magazines.