Tallahassee, Florida

Every month when I get my statement in the mail, there is a nasty little message on it and harassing and threating me about paying my bill and every month I send them a payment but it's not enough for them, they want you to pay a large amount, over the minimum payment that there asking for every month, and I don't appreciate it at all the little nasty messages about threating to put me with an out side collector, I make a payment every month, it may not be a large amount but I at least make half of the payment that's due, and there's always the word delinquent on my monthly statement, my payments are not far long for being paid off, and when I do pay them off, I will never make a purchase from Publishers Clearing House ever again or have anything to do with them.

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You should never pay them at all. Just call them and tell them their stuff is far below standard junk, and that you aren't paying for garbage.

They will either take it off and not charge you for it or will send you a sticker to send it back. They sent me 2 towels and a dust mop that were pure ***. The dust mop handle broke on the first use, just by dusting cob-webs, and the towels were see-through thin.

When I called them and explained this, they took them off thankfully, and I will never ever order from them again. :sigh


I just paid a bill they claim I did not pay in September of this year. The thing that makes me the most mad is the receipt you keep for the payment does not list the merchandise you ordered so all you have is the total.

I had paid for merchandise I received in August and October. They claim I didn't pay for the merchandise in September. As I went through my file for September I only found one bill and it was paid. I called today to see about the bill and they told me that they sent me 3 past dues bills for this bill.

That is not true. I told the man, Victor, that I spoke to I do not have any past due bills for September. Victor told me that is because the US Postal Service will not deliver their bills.

Even the US Postal Service is smart enough to see PCH is a scam!!!!!! STAY OUT OF MY LIFE YOU SCAMMERS!!!!!!


they beg and beg for you to order and its all junk you can buy at a dollar store,nobody wins but pch they are all liars and they get off on teasing people so i feel sorry for anyone who falls into their trap...