Mayetta, Kansas

they are doing that same bull *** to me too, tell me that things are half price or 20 30 50 percent off then charge full price,I bought got four solar lights about 8 months ago from phc and 3 already have stopped working , i sent them a msg and all they did was lie, and well sent them a few photos of the discount bs they post in their emails and next i know they sent me a 10 $ check and i bet its phony too, evil, steal from thousands every day, wonder how much they pay the fed govt to let them get away with it

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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Have ordered alot of items..and have paid for every Damm thing I got one payment each time.than 2 to 3 months they send a bill says I ove this or that.I paid partial,I did not.had all my checks made them. dum *** ppl.not one copy but 4 different copies..

Than I called them oh let me tell you it wasn't a pleasant's a freaking rip off..


I mean a big rip off...

Never again

I can go to walmart.or a flee market .or dollar store...they are charging me triple..

.and believe me I let if fly.. Stupied ppl


I don't have problems with their products. It's their contests I have problems with.

I've been entering these ridiculous things for over 42 years and have yet to win a thing. Now they've added Canada and the U.K.!

Can't these countries come up with their own contests??? PCH is a bunch of crooks.

Austin, Texas, United States #1319200

talk about spam. PCH has pushed it to new limits...

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