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All you people who play the games to accumulate Tokens, have you ever paid close attention to the Token Leader Board Counts? Well I have and I have done statistical calculations.

Anyone with a total greater than 165,000 tokens is getting no less than 2,500 tokens on every single game piece, and those in the 175,000 - 190,000 is getting no less than 2,500 tokens on better than 75% of the games and 5,000 tokens on the rest of the games. Those with Token Totals of 215,000 or greater are getting no less than 5,000 tokens on every game piece. I also have pictures to prove that at 01:00am there are totals of 165,000 tokens already accumulates. Can you explain that, when it take well over 2 hours to complete the Main Board, Instant Win Boards, Scratch Off Boards and the Sweepstakes Board alone.

If they're signing on more than one time that means they're using multiple devices which I feel it's an unfair advantage, and more important it's usually the same names with the same ridiculously high Token Counts. They should only have access to one sign-in entry. If they sign in on multiple devices they should immediately be disqualified. I mean PCH "Claims Fair Gaming Practices" "Yea Right, What a Crock.

Personally, I think they're employees of PCH or independent Contractors paid by PCH to log on and get these tokens so they don't have to pay $100.00 each time. The highest I ever got after doing all the things required was 132,000 tokens. Also the PCH Slots, TOTAL BS. The Black Jack Game MORE BS and the Bingo Game let's not go there.

I've had "J*A*C*K*P*_*T so many times within the first 4 days of that weeks' play that I lost count. If anyone doubts what I say I have 26Gb's worth of Memory Cards with Still shots and Moving action Clips.

How about it News Hounds want a real story. If PCH was brought before a Gambling Commission they would be fined worse than the Casinos for UNFAIR GAMING PRACTICES.

Product or Service Mentioned: Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes.

Reason of review: I want a full Gaming Investigation Instituted with my Pictures and movie clips, all 26 Gbs. worth..

Preferred solution: I want a Federal Investigation into PCH Gaming Practices. NO one has a Brass Set to take these Bastards On>.

Publishers Clearing House Cons: Suck period, False claims of winning, Winners are rare, Emails wanting you to search, Having to wait.

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I have also noticed the very high tokens on the leader board and agree that it is not a fair playing field.


You people need to realise it's a lottery type win. Stop thinking you're owed money.

It's pathetic to see grown men and women cry because have not won anything. Then stop playing. Boo hoo...ill keep playing.

If I don't win I don't win. If I do that be great, cheaper then playing the lottery, can't beat free.


You missed the you can't spell.


Of course it's a scam, where do you think they get all their money? From those BS ads(that you can't even mute) at the beginning of each "game".

And the tokens?

So, you're going use them to "bid" on an item?

Not buy, bid. So, yeah, pretty sure only employees(or as you put it independent contractors paid by PCH) win those items.

I would even wager that all the people that have ever won any of the PCH "sweepstakes", where independent contractors paid by PCH.


After almost 31/2 years of playing most I've won is $110.00. Totally agree with opinions that token totals are rigged.

That's being nice. Agree the Gaming Commission should take magnifying glass to this company.

Have speny alot of $'s just on stamps to maik back envelopes that if yor do not order their stuff(again being nice), you're return goes right into their hugh shredding machine.


Ed McMahon would turn over in his grave if he knew what has become of his sweepstakes.


I had same thing happen to me , but I did get a check for $50.00 onone of the givrwqys.