Waukegan, Illinois
Not resolved

Again I have tryed to play the PCH Slot games, like the wild west, casino, heaven 7, and spin the big wheel. It instead says Error.

Can you please fix this. I have been trying to do the sweepstakes everyday for the drawing on the 23 rd of Aug, 2012. Also Please inform me about my 11 didget numbers that I can call in on the phone. The hackers have again screwed up my chances to play PCH SLOTS.

Please contact me thru: TheSwede1950@yahoo.com and or 1-630-826-9478. Thank you, Glenn Sandberg PS: I enjoy playing everyday. Please contact me.

I am very pissed. Its not right for the hackers to do this to me, or any one else.

Product or Service Mentioned: Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes.

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Being hacked through messenger. Saying it was a friend.

I responded as started out with a simple message. Now I’m afraid my friends will be contacted. Very dirty methods. I have never contacted PCH.

And never will.

Took my mother for lots of $. Sending this to the BBB as well.


I have 2 search bars on pch’s search & win page,unlike the rest. Pch’s gps indicates my address has no apt # is a single family resident.Any important notice always has an unknown device icon registered on token award history.im being hacking in progress,thanks to google.,not pch’s fault.Free (in $ terms) =$0.00 free $=$0 nothing is free


Let the NSA to find out and check the PCH computer system to see if there are computer hackers working at the PCH company. That the only way to find out .


stay away from pch they will infect your computer with a virus.


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