Toledo, Ohio
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Publishers is what you make of it. After 19 years I've gotten nothing and expect nothing. I fill things out for something to do.

Their web page gives you the odds of winning and they're astronomical

I buy nothing, I do no offers and their web page tells you a purchase won't help you win, I've never had 'collectors' telling me I owe.

PCH is what you make of it.Look at it as greedy opportunity and you lose what do you expect? If you do it as long as I have, 19 years, with no purchases, PCH is just a long game.I expect nothing, I get nothing. Should I ever win, that'd be o.k. too. But the odds are astronomical so I'm hardly holding my breath hoping.

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And, there are two piles where names are pile for the people that buy things, and another for the people that don't buy anything. Zero.

But whether you buy something or not, you're right, the chances are astronomical of winning.

PCH appeals to people's ideology of wanting something for appeals to our greed.

I just can't believe how dumb people are to give their money to them..they're like those evangelist on tv that want to sell you a holy prayer cloth or holy water..the ones that have someone from their crew pretend they are handicapped and can't walk, but one swipe of this holy cloth and the person is dancing down the aisle..people are soooooo ***! :p