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i am pissed off because there to many people who scam people because they want that might dollar and no matter who it hurts i could really used that money for my daughters education but now i can not because it was a scam.thank you for listening to me mr.daniel elliott.

it was publishers clearing house out of new york city.

stop scammimg people this way and do it the right way.you should not have to pay for anything when you enter into a sweepstakes.i am a very pissed off citizenof the united staes of america.

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They jus called me saying I won $1.5mil

I sent $299.00 so cud get my money

Had me waiting for a ups truck that had my pearl whit mercadez Benz on it & black a Cadillac with my money on it to pull up at Walmart for an hour.1 min b4 they pulled n.

The IRS PULLS THEM OVER?Tell them I need another $430.00 to get my cash.


Well David Wilson just called and said I won three and a half million dollar's and a Mercedes i was like cool where y'all at he said I had to send them x amount of dollar's to get the prize

Yakima, Washington, United States #742741

I was just scammed today.someone called me from new York and said I won the publishers clearning house and they will be out at my place tomorrow at 10:30 am will I be home he said.

he said I won one million three hundred fifty thousands dollars. He said I had to answer a few questions and he also asked does this make me happy and I said yes but for some reason was hesitant but had to find out more if it was real. He asked if I want to go public or private. He said when they come they will escort me to the my bank for deposit for it is a lot of money.

He said I had to do something that had to do with taxes was to go and buy this green dot money pack a paper card for $499 and that money will be given back to me at the bank. I told him no I do not have the funds and he said can you go borrow from friends. I said no. my daughter was home and she was recording for I had the man on loud speaker.

once he asked me for my social security number I said no I will not give that. my daughter looked something up about scams and sure enough it was and I told him this was a scam and he hung up.

How in the world did he even get my name , address and phone number?


Hello PCH fans!!!WARNING I need to fill you in on a scam that just happened to me.

Two hours ago I received a face book request that Dave Sayer from PCH wants to be friends with me. Okay??? Dave and I started to chat, and apparently they have been trying to contact me about one of the sweepstake prize. Which kinda at first made sense because I was out of town for my birthday.

Dave asked me for my phone number so we could talk in person. At first there was no way I thought this could be real. But curiosity killed the cat. So I gave Dave my cell number, sure enough a man called claiming to be a representative from PCH.

He told me that I had won the 75k PCH sweepstakes. Which I do play! First he needed to gather some information from me to confirm that I am who I say I am, simple things. He continued to tell me that I need to purchase a Green Dot Money pak reloaded paper card, Because the I.R.S does not allow you to receive a prize check for over ten thousand dollars.

He also said that the F.B.I will need the conformation to protect me from fraud, someone else trying to claim the winning check.???? I told him that this wasn’t right because PCH has a No Purchase Necessary Rule. I started asking questions. He continued to convince me that if I was septic I could easily return to the card or just use it for purchases.

But I need the Green Dot Card to give to Danielle Lam and the PCH crew and I was not suppose to tell or give anyone the...

“Congratulation Jeremy we just need the card number to register it with the I.R.S and the F.B.I to receive the check Danielle has for you.” At first there was no way I was giving this guy the numbers. He continued to tell me that the Prize Patrol van is in the area 15 minutes away to be exact, and are just waiting for the conformation to come visit me with the big check like on Television. After about fifteen minutes and him basically repeating the whole proceed of why, when, and how and a dozen other question, I gave in : ( I gave him the numbers to the card, and again. “Congrats Jeremy on your winnings, one last thing I must confirm that you are home because the Prize Patrol Van is on their way to your house and they don’t want to wasting time trying to find me.” Yes Sir I’m home.

“Ok well they should be pulling up in about 15 minute so be ready and smile for the camera.” Well after about thirty minutes of being on edge, thinking about what bill I was going to pay off first. I finally realize this slick S.O.B just scammed me. I first tried to call back the blocked number (My first mistake) Then messaged the facebook page on the computer where it all started. I wrote “this is a scam pal I’m calling the police.” Next I ran back down to the store where I purchased the Green Dot Card (My second mistake) turns out the card is not refundable only with purchases or through Pay Pal.

On my way back to my house the same guy called my phone again, I answered, and he said see Jeremy I told you the PCH crew was coming. “I replied I know you’re scamming me and I just called the cops A*! hole”. He continued to tell me that he promises they are coming and to calm down, he kept asking if I was still at home, where I was coming from?

Strangely I could hear through the phone that he was outside, I could hear the wind coming through the phone. I asked him where he was going that you’re outside not in an office somewhere. Let me guess you’re on your way to the bank. He replied, “What are you gonna do call the cops go ahead.” Sure enough the guy hangs up on me.

When I got home I got on the phone and online with Green Dot Moneypak to try to cancel the card or report the fraud, something, anything. I told them my situation and after three different transfers and telling this embarrassing story over and over Green Dot finally put in an “investigative claim”???? I wrote this to warning people about scammers out there trying to ruin a fun, trust worthy, giving, people loving company like Publishers Clearing House. I am a living honest to God real person who just got scammed by a PCH impostor.

It’s such a shame that it’s true about the old saying one bad apple spoils a bunch. Danielle never came with roses and balloons and the big check with my name on it. But I learned an important lesson. And I really hope this will get posted somewhere and people and Fans like myself don’t get caught up in the lies of a scam.


Good luck PCH fans!!!!!!!!!

Keep winning and keep playing fans!!!Maybe one day this nightmare will become a real winning dream for me : ) Danielle, if you come visit me some day, I would like extra roses with my check please, $120.00 worth LOL!!!!!!!

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I signed up for the surveys ad promissed 1000 tokens and then after 30 mins of answering the same questions over and over, I got kicked off and didn't get anything for my time.That is a scam.

Now they keep emailing me to take more surveys which i want nothing to do with. I appreciate the free games.

Don't promise me something and then waste my time.I am 62 years old and still work very hard for my money.


it really makes me want to :cry because my father in law who is retired army drill sargent of 35 years.he is92 two just recently me and his son moved in with him because his wife of 52 years just a few min ago i recieved a call stating they were from p.c.h.

and that he won one million dollars but had to go to WALMART and get money card to read them number over phone then i said ohh no it says i won 2m million ofcouse he said let me ck, then i was right it was2 mil. he was rude and insisted i must get money card then i told him to call back in hour so i could check with pch over internetof course he hung up asap.



To whom it may concern,

Even the Lord isn"t free. We still have to pay with our lives to be with Him.


To whom it may concern,

Even the Lord isn"t free. We still have to pay with our lives to be with Him.


I've been playing PCH on/off for the last 20 years, and recently by computer.I fill out only the stuff where you can put the tickets in.

When they send me to their affiliates I don't bother because it's just advertising.Lately the ones I get I can't open so I go to another mail thingy and open them. I've never bought anything from them and you don't have to. Anyone who asks you for money up front who claims to be from PCH isn't. You don't pay anything to win.

They don't inform you by e-mail that you've won. I just read that they send a certified letter and you have to sign an affidavit. If you look down the page on your entry it says no purchase necessary. A purchase won't make you any more eligable to win.

I like the moving graphics to place tickets and I like the pictures of the products but I buy nothing. I'll never win. But it keeps me occupied. Don't pay money up front for any sweepstakes.

When they say no purchase required they mean it. Obviously it would be cool to win and I'm just as greedy as the next person. I've been 'playing' for 20 years. Haven't won yet and won't.

But I like graphics so I play when the moving graphics come around and I don't do surveys or buy anything. If someone says you don't need to purchase, if it says you don't need to purchase then you don't. I people keep telling you not to send money up front to win or collect and you ignore it, that's on you.

It's the scammers who are trying to get you...

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I have been entering fo years and not got sniff of anything, that resembles a prizre :(

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