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I was entering the sweepstakes that is about to happen this june29 and because I wouldn't purchase anything they wouldn't accept my entry not able o pin point he date but it happened round about may I beleive and recall I'm on a fixed income and they should realize this or it should cross the heir minds if I had the money I would have purchased something another Hing now hey are always sending email saying one more step who is going to pass up trying to win and not complete the final step how many final steps do they have to send after I've already did the final step and why do you hey have o keep re assinging super prize numbers I just don't have nderstand I've never won in brown pennyand have been playing for several years send email telling me keep p the good job making me feel like I've got a chance as a snow ball in ***

Product or Service Mentioned: Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes.

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Doesn't matter their merchandise breaks easy anyways and shipping costs are a rip off. Going to file a complaint with the Attorney General.