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dear sir, im claiming the pchlotto rewards and superprizes today.im asking for macys dillards, walgreens,walmarts and best buys gift cards at gwy#4900,at visa gift cards,credit cards at $110,000 for purchases.

thanks, also, the releasures, claims forms for settlements at the mutual of Omaha insurance office,omaha, Nebraska and sense weight loss and hair loss settlement,state check issued at $900,000,gwy#4900 and other settlements, claim forms at Aetna insurance finance office soon. its rebate time and asking for rebate checks issued and thanks,unclaimed rewards, ref#NAT463850 and ref#5528017675 issued, holiday thanks, act now and release prizes and superprizes. thanks, Maryanne carter,sponsors and john Washington, sponsors and john yeager, sponsors for prizes.register to activate pch#19-5019-19-#01776618348 to win $5,000 to life and $7,000 to life at 50 entries,april30th,2015 entry winner and pch/final steps and activate pch card #383-14-10-12 confirming and processing codes for prizes and processing papers for prize releasures today. thanks, happy holiday, write and call soon.

thanks, iris v.


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Love to win pch give way number11000


love to win PCH.GWY.NO.8035{{Redacted}}


I want to win right now.


Want to win 8035, great to win!




I'm claiming 8035 worth 100,000.00, then the 8186 for 75,000.00 thousand, & the 8184 worth 25,000.00, and the 8187 for 15,000.00, and the 8800 worth 2,600,000.00 million, and the 5,000.00 a week for life.These are my wishes.

I want to registered, claimed and activated my numbers.Amen.


PCH I would love to win $7,000 a week for life thank you for the opportunity and thank you for listening thank you for this great sweepstakes giving us all opportunity to dream big. Publishers Clearing House making American Dreams Come True.


Thank you for the honor and privilege to play in for a PCH Gwy.No.

8035 $100,000 I sure would need it to help pay out some bills and buy some clothes for the family and grandchildren and hopefully move out of an apartment into a home that would be nice thank you very much for listening God bless you all take care.PCH making American Dreams Come True

Troy, Alabama, United States #1343880

look forward to hearing from you!!!!

Bronx, New York, United States #1318528

I want to win $7000 a week for life changing

Baltimore, Maryland, United States #1310994

Looking forward to be lucky

Quitman, Mississippi, United States #1278525

I would love ❤️ to win the pch Gwy 8035 coz I would pay bills off n help charity n my family n turn around n give back to pch for other winners

Morgantown, West Virginia, United States #1229145

And did you actually get any of this?

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