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I had added photos of some of my damages, but for some reason they were not added. Maybe you thought they were to upsetting to publish.

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I am critically ill from damages suffered by the disease Lupus. However if I had the proper funds, most of them including the life saving ones could not only spare my life.., but also be repaired, to give me a almost normal life again. I have been earnestly seeking for these funds.., as my life is slowly slipping away from me, &

PCH has been one them. Then in the last 6 months, I have had letters and very different reports from them that Truly led me to believe that I was going to win the

next millionaire for life contest, including having to verify directions to my house for the prize patrol, and verifying my address & contact info, all of these I Never received before from in all my previous years of applying, so the first time that I received this in my special (winners only number,) letter informing me that I had made it to the "Winners list," where only winners numbers were on the list & mine

was on it for winning.., I became so excited.., and sure that I was going to win, I had the hope for getting well, and starting a whole new and free life again without physical chronic pain.., and suffering as a bedridden trapped individual !!!

But, when I didn't win... I became so despondent & angry, I calked their customer

service and got to complain to two people who seemed genuinely concerned about my health risks and the risk to it that leading me on would do, and assured me it wouldn't happen again, so when I received the same type of insinuating letters & emails from them again, I thought For Sure this was going to be my win again... But

No... And I suffered a painful flair of the Lupus, and emotional distress that was more than overwhelming.., and I am no longer a fan of them.., but Very Very angry,

and most appreciate your platform to complain about them and their sick and damaging misleading ***!!! That I am Sure has hurt more people than just me!!!

Thank you for listening and using this complaint!!

Sincerely, K. Milbrandt

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Weather we win is computer picking the winner. I look at like this.

Keep trying. U may be chosen one day.all things are in GOD'S hands.. U can't get so upset if U R not chosen an blame PCH for your anger or illness. Prayers for all whom wish them.

I've been searching an playing PCH games since it came an like everyone else hoping I will be the next winner. Be positive..U beer k ow when they knock on our door.

Peace to all an happy New Year. Love in CHRIST..Sandi Moreland


PCH isn't a scam. I've won $10 from them before, and the check cashed. But I'd say their practices with their mailings are pretty unscrupulous, in that they do make it look like people have won or are closer to winning, and then the people don't win because it wasn't a sure thing, and was in fact, far from it, in terms of the actual odds. (Keep in mind, if I had a contest, and narrowed the winner pool from 10 billion to 9.9 billion, I could technically say the 9.9 billion were "closer to winning!" Even if it's essentially BS, because the odds are still ridiculously against people, even with those "narrowed" results.)

The truth is that even if they do actually award prizes (which evidently they do), you have a better chance of being struck by lightning, pretty much. Unfortunately, a lot of people (especially older people who aren't used to gross dishonesty) fall for what looks like real wins, over and over and over again.

Long story short: the prizes may be real, but if you value your health and sanity, do not believe you are the winner, unless the actual people from PCH show up in their van at your door. If you want to play, you pretty much have to assume everything they send you is bull, unless they literally and actually do come to your door, and hand you a real check, and you ask your bank if it's a real check or an ad, and they say yes, it's a real check, and cash it for you. But until the people actually show up, or the money is physically in your hand, assume it's not a real win, but just another mind game.

But on another note, there are actually scammers who try to pretend to be from PCH to get personal info to steal your identity/rob you with, besides. Never give out personal info unsolicited. If you give it to them on their official website, that's one thing. If you have people calling you and stuff like that, asking for your personal info... probably a scam. But if you want to make sure, you can always call PCH and double check with them if something is from them or not.


Are you crazy???? Publishers Clearing House is one of the biggest scams out there.


After reading this I found one thing for certain. I hope the next bout of angry you get throws you over the edge and KILLS you.

Don't worry though as I will have PCH leave their "winner" letters on your GRAVE along with healthy amounts of my lupus ridden ***. ;-)


:eek Let's don't be so mean as to say "KILLS" you. Someone may find you and *** you off you ***..