I have gotten all the letters - even multiple letters in JACKPOT - BUT NO "O"!!!Week after week, I get all the other letters, BUT NO "O"!!!

Has anyone out there ever gotten an "O"??? Please contact me!!! I have been playing PCH BINGO for months, and have NEVER seen a"O". If I could at least see ONE "O"; even if I did not win the Jackpot.

How can you play week after week, and "NEVER" see an"O"???

The odds are in the thousands if not the millions.Can someone at PCH put some "O's" in the ***, so I can see at least one "O" before I die???

Monetary Loss: $2789.

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I have been playing for months also and have not seen a "o".

Now I can't even get the bingo game. It keeps coming up with slots


I have been playing pch bingo for almost two years almost everyday and I have never once seen the letter O.I should have one at least one time but have yet to see the letter O in the word bingo.#wheres the O????

Jersey City, New Jersey, United States #1088247

I usually log into the instant bingo from the search menu as I don't receive Bingo emails.Now when I search the screen goes to the new tournament screen.

I tried to get around it but nothing works.adeluco2@comcast.net


What's wrong with the bingo and the lucky diamond slots can't even play them??


I have never seen an "O" either.Now I can't even find PCH Bingo.

Every time I try to go there, the website takes me to the new slots or Blackjack.

What happened to it?Just curious.


I can't even get into bingo since they started the new slots game

Fontana, California, United States #1087519

I have seen no O either in Months of playing Bingo.

to Anonymous #1087522

Also for some reason I am not able to play Bingo anymore .It keeps taking me someplace else on games I have already play..And I still lose Playing card about 2 a day.

I wrote to PCH after losing about 300 cards and they only gave me 10.000 tokens for my lost. Then I starter video taping every game card that wouldn't play and send in about 10 I loaded up on youtube for them to see. Then I sent the videos to PCH and they haven't done a thing yet and now its a new year 2016.

How can you enjoy a game when their web site freezes up on you and you lose game cards?Some times I think PCH Rigs the games

to Anonymous #1087560

When I get an inactive card/scratch-off I right-click, select 'frame' or 'this frame' and hit reload.

This usually brings back the game, which then defaults to 'technical error' and gives you 1,000 points consolation prize.This is on a PC, unsure about Apple computers.

Other games lock up, or blackjack may go from selection of prize entries to 'tech error, try later' and that never works until after midnight when it reloads to a new game.

Today my Bingo now goes to the slots game that pays out very little tokens, takes long to play.

And no, I have gotten all but 'O' many times now in Bingo. No problem with that being the key, but has anyone really ever won?

Many games I now play identical choices of hoop or clown to drown for hundreds of game without them coming up. When I chose more randomly they all came up occasionally, but not now.

So that is not chance, that is design.Good luck everyone, but I must play until I get my retirement, since I am laid off and now too old to hire for anything!


I suspect the O is under the chance of 17 with other letters. Keep trying.

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