Kansas City, Missouri

I have gotten all the letters - even multiple letters in JACKPOT - BUT NO "O"!!! Week after week, I get all the other letters, BUT NO "O"!!!

Has anyone out there ever gotten an "O"??? Please contact me!!! I have been playing PCH BINGO for months, and have NEVER seen a"O". If I could at least see ONE "O"; even if I did not win the Jackpot.

How can you play week after week, and "NEVER" see an"O"???

The odds are in the thousands if not the millions. Can someone at PCH put some "O's" in the ***, so I can see at least one "O" before I die???

Monetary Loss: $2789.

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Please do me a favor and enter my alternate activation code for my final step: SP440 immediately!


Please let me see a "BINGO" so I will win $10,000,000.00 immediately!


Please Publishers Clearing House, please let me only claim $10,000,000.00 and $100.00 with the prize patrol in person starting on Tuesday, June 5th, 2018 immediately!


same problem here, I was able play pch bingo for a very long time. And now I cant get into to play.


I know, I played a very very long time, and will get the letters, but one. I cant remember if it was the o.


Hi MY Name is Bill Corbet can you tell me why I can't play PCH BINGO games anymore And even the ciasno games as well please help, IF not then Than Do do want to be a Pch Custmer any more Please Help?


I dont think anyone is supposed to win as I have had the same experience. Now for some reason, they have taken it off my computer.


Ihave been playing every day for the last 2 and a half months and have over 10 million tokens and have not won anything either!!!!!!! JW


pch bingo has been retired


iv been playing for 2 years i have only seen 1 and still no win.but iv never lost a bingo game still havent won nothing at that


Likewise! I have never seen the O either, & have been playing the instance win bingo sense 2012.


The O is simply how they control their winners. It seems ocassionally some few folks win but the odds are against players.

I assume there is no obligation for more winner like gambling that one pays for. So, that is just the way it is.


I've been playing it for years, and will have all the letters but no 'O'. That's the breaks. We can see when someone wins, and I pray that they need it more than I do.

Now the game doesn't even seem to be accessible.



I have been playing for months also and have not seen a "o".

Now I can't even get the bingo game. It keeps coming up with slots


I have been playing pch bingo for almost two years almost everyday and I have never once seen the letter O.I should have one at least one time but have yet to see the letter O in the word bingo.#wheres the O????


I usually log into the instant bingo from the search menu as I don't receive Bingo emails. Now when I search the screen goes to the new tournament screen.

I tried to get around it but nothing works. adeluco2@comcast.net


What's wrong with the bingo and the lucky diamond slots can't even play them??


I have never seen an "O" either. Now I can't even find PCH Bingo.

Every time I try to go there, the website takes me to the new slots or Blackjack.

What happened to it? Just curious.


I can't even get into bingo since they started the new slots game


I have seen no O either in Months of playing Bingo.