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PCH states on their web site that they never require you to pay any sort of fee to collect your winnings. So I'm sure those who've posted here that they were asked to send money, purchase something, etc., to receive their winnings from PCH were being scammed by some *** artist *** bag criminal, and not contacted by PCH.

The Internet/web is full of scam artists.

Watch what you click. Never give out personal info, unless you are 100% certain everything is legit. Same goes for email. Never click on links in email unless the message is from a trusted source.

Scammers/spammers may try to make it look like they are some legit company or website, when they aren't.

Read ALL of the email's header info to see where it actually came from. If the sending address doesn't say it's from "something@some_trusted_company.com" but instead says something like "something@hotmail.com" or "something@gmail.come" etc., consider it to be a fraudulent phishing spam email--DO NOT CLICK ANY LINK IN THE EMAIL, DO NOT RESPOND TO THE EMAIL, DO NOT OPEN ANY ATTACHMENTS IN THE EMAIL, DELETE IT IMMEDIATELY.

Product or Service Mentioned: Publishers Clearing House Website.

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I am asked to send $12.99 fee to keep my number in the winning column. I paid $12.99 9-2-14 and now PCH is asking of another $12.99.

These requests are by US mail not email. I figure it's a scam.