Tucson, Arizona

The sorriest I've had was the day I succumbed to PCH email. Now I get tons of emails which I delet.

I remember years ago entering their sweepstakes by mail. I watched the mail for every bit of information. I and my husband were at that time the parents of a handicapped child and really pressed financially. I did everything filled out everything kept all the paperwork.

Received confirmation that I was a winner and when the drawing date came guess what......nothing further more no more mail from PCH!!!!! Tried to contact them for explanation numbers for phone calls no longer in service!!! When I finally got to talk with PCH was told it was a fake email sent by a scammer sorry!!!! Seems they say it on their website and facebook pages.

They still use the same excuse!!! I wonder why someone would scam me and not get anything out of it.

Most scammers want money Here's another question why do I have to endure multi offers to verify anything to PCH??? This is indeed a scam they know that people will jump on anything to win and PHC get paid by this websites to help their business and PCH uses these offers , sweepstakes to confuse the comsumers...

Product or Service Mentioned: Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Publishers Clearing House Cons: False claims of winning, Getting no response to my emails, Rip you off.

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