Richmond, Virginia
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I'm sick of PCH and the daily mail - give us an entry and spin the wheel. This on and on is tiring and irritating.

And you never know what is vital to move you up the line or just more trash mail to get you to buy something. I think the government should step in and make them identify vital mail for various stages. I don't mind that but getting hit up over and over is for the birds. Also who ever really wins - no one I know in years.

Usually I get tired of this long before the winning and no one ever seems to know who the real winner is at the end - i.e. we get a name but is it a real person who really wins. Seems to be getting more of a scam operation than years ago when you just mailed in your entry. Now they make you feel like you have to open up every email - people don't have time for this.

If this is a legit program - then entry and stage advances marked clearly and that's it.

Product or Service Mentioned: Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes.

Preferred solution: It's in the email..

Publishers Clearing House Pros: Ability to enter to win.

Publishers Clearing House Cons: Too many confusing games and no help, Way they do business scary, Just be a sweepstakes without all the hoops, Tell us what we need to do to enter and advance the stages, Give us a clear option to opt out of non vital winning email.

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I been filling out these entries for over 30 years have spent 100s on postage stamps!!! I tired of all theses email every day!!!

It’s so annoying!!!!!I WANT TO WIN!!!!

If there is a prize for all theses years l have entered then SEND ASAP!!!! Shirley Brantley


Tiresome...have never won in over 50 years just a scam to get people to purchase...