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We recently ordered two small items through the Publishers Clearing House mailers. Well, both arrived in the same small box.

That is fine; except that the bill showed a "S & H /Proc." charge equal to 25% of the cost--PER ITEM.

A Shipping and Handling charge is supposed to represent the actions (time and labor) needed to get this box ready for delivery. In this case, we're talking about a small item on their shelf being put in a small box. And then--an even smaller item being put in that same box.

We agree to buy these items because of the price. But when we add what we are charged for S&H and Processing (plus tax)...Shame on them...And shame on us for being gullible.

Product or Service Mentioned: Publishers Clearing House Shipping Service.

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

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I have to report a very similar experience..I wanted to test the water with there products..The price is actually Not a bargain on any item i have seen..Many items i recognized as items I can Buy at Dollar Tree..The would offer three of such items for only $19.96 ....Even after seeing that I said aw heck Ill buy this $7.00 item.It is a 12vlt auto power adapter.I can get an identical one with free shipping on eBay for $5.00...So i just got the email that it has been shipped.In the email it says total cost $6.97..So i click the pay now button and it shows me a bill of $12.89..I went back and checked the e mail in disbelief...I know what I bought and I know what I was paying for it..It was a test item !!!So I go back to the email and in tiny print on the border it says...Sipping and processing charges are not reflected in total price..So it was a stupid but successful test..Basically I paid 13 bucks for a *** quality Power adapter that is Only worth 5 to 7 dollars even in silly mortar and brick stores that are known to be over priced like Napa Auto...So Since they already charge $11.96 for the three Dollar Tree Squeegees to begin with and then ,like in My buy, double the original price with shipping charges,it is not hard to see how they can throw out a few big prizes every once and a while...Unless you actually make $1,000 dollars a day already Most people cant afford to buy items of such low quality at such a premium price.. If you want to know what something is worth go to eBay ....

If you want to see what other people will try to sell it for go to Amazon... If you just want to throw money around like it's confetti Buy stuff at PCH...........


I was ready to place a small order for an item from PCH until I read the "small print" concerning shipping, handling and other fees. After reading this review, I removed the postage stamp and deposited the order and additional "garbage" in the trash!


That's bad!


Sweepstakes scams are horrible!