I won $100 on a scratch off that you sent to me with my Clearing House entry.I never received it and never heard from you again.

Why???? I followed all your rules when returning my entry forms, it cost me a fortune in stamps, but I perservered. When a scrathed off and found that I had won $100, I was pleased that I would at least get something for all my time and trouble.

I feel that this was just a scam and you never intended to give me the money.Furthermore, you should sent out to all the people who faithfully participated a list of the "big winners.' Wher is my $100????

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Do you need me to come to newyork to recieve my winnings.it has been a long time are you going to pay me like you do on tv.I do not care I just want what I have won.


I've won 14,000.00 on the scratch off game and have not received any money yet. Was it a scam or not

Detroit, Michigan, United States #1118642

Show me one person who has ever won scratch off or bonus blackjack


Tried to complete contest with threats of being disqualified. I got websites in german, mobile *** (WTF) and never received anything in the mail. Is this a scam, did I waste my time for the last 3 months.


If you read the fine print it states you are entered to win up too what ever the amount is. I know it can be heart breaking when the money will help a lot.

Biloxi, Mississippi, United States #856498

I have tried to enter in the drawing and am trying to download the scratch offs but have been unable to because I stopped ordering from the website.It has cost me in stamps and out of pocket cost for so many products that I wouldn't have bought.

I don't feel that is necessary to win.

I have spent several hundreds of dollars so far.I can't afford it.

Central Falls, Rhode Island, United States #789130

You win nothing but the right to be entered into a drawing.The drawing is fake and they been sued for pre determined winners in the past.

Everything about PCH is bull ***. Play games for useless tokens cuz all u can do with tokens is purchase entries to things no one wins to begin with.

All anyone wins, be it via games or mailings, is the right to be entered into a drawing that all have same odds of winning and those odds are twice the world's entire population to one.Their odds are 8x greater than any powerball odds!


You guys know whats an entry right..Its the same as sweepstakes when you scratch off and win means you are eligible to win in a like random draw box which ever name is pulled out.

Well as entry if it means one time scratch win really then I have won $100,000 cause I have scratch that one so many times and should been sent right.What ever entry means in PCH everything gets recorded.


I am filing a CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT against PCH for fraud concerning the scratch off tickets.I too have won close to $40,000 with the scratch off tickets (sent with EVERY bill), and to date, I have not received 1 thin cent in payment even though I followed the rules very closely (and yes, I too, spent a fortune in stamps).

PCH is a major SCAM and I want everyone who was scammed by them re: scratch off tickets, to contact me ASAP.

They cannot be allowed to get away with misrepresenting their contests & games, deceiving the American public during a recession.ladysaffire70 at Y.

to Carmen Smith Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, United States #679682

Right there with you!! I really don't thinl they ever pay out!!

Honestly do you know anyone who has won? With scratch and win,

I still have not seen a penny for all the cards O scratched and

was an instant winner!!!!!!!

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