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PCH sent me a form to sign and mail back to them which I did 2months later i received a document signed and notorized by the patrol team of my being added to the winne4s selecti9n list of them coming to my residence around 12 noon on June 30th,2017 and then n July 1st ,2017 at noon time. I heart broken and very depressed and still depressed.

I waw contacted by Danielle Lam her on Instagram direct message system. I also believe I should awarded something for the lies of me winning the grand prize 8800 2,000,000+10,000/month+the MKZ

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You should be ashame of your self pch your nothing but a scam and ripoff artist indeguise of a legitimate company in my opinion and I hope karma catches up with your greedy little company


The selection list shows that you are just eligible to win, not that you HAVE won. Publisher's Clearing House is nothing more than spam.

I have been entering for years and never so much as won a dime on any of their sweepstakes. They just want you to buy things from their list of cheap and overpriced products.

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