Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
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I am being ripped off by Publisher Clearing House. I am being charged for one item I never received and for one item that was never ordered but returned through USPS when I found it in my mailbox; now they have put it out for collection!

I have contacted them several times and have returned all of their 'bills' with an explanation of the situation. They do not care and are still trying to get money for items I do not have! I will be taking this to my state's attorney general's office!

Beware! These people are scam artists!

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I ordered 2 lilac bushes ,they arrived dead. Before I got them I ordered 3 Rose bushes @$13.49.

A long time and I still have not recieved them.You sent a card 3-12-2012 There called sub-zero roses will I ever see them/?TOP HAT PATIO KIT.

Please answere me. I have been a customer since I was 25 years old ,Im 75 now.


then you would be scamming...


Well, I called Mr. Irving the day that I received notice of his email that was posted concerning my post on being ripped off - I called his number that was listed - left a message and the only thing that happened was that I got another phone call from the collection agency representing Publisher's Clearing House!


Mr. Irving - this is not a good way to settle a dispute!


Hello. This is Chris Irving - I head the Consumer Affairs team at Publishers Clearing House.

I was concerned to read of your experience and would welcome the opportunity to assist you.

Without knowing the precise details of your transactions I am unable to provide you more . You may feel free to contact me directly at (800) 337 4724 and I will be happy to fully review your experience.

Chris Irving


I learned a long time ago to always use a false name whenever subscribing to or ordering a magazine, etc. Sometimes it's just a false first name or even a totally false first and second name---the post office delivers mail to an address, not a name. That way whenever there is a problem with billing, I can safely ignore the bills if I wish as they can send "jack Smith" all the bills they want.