Kent, Ohio
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I had almost all of the lotto balls and did not get to play again tonight so the game is over..So I don't get any money and can't even get back all night trying, it's so ridiculous. I should have won the money and dispersded it to the other people I wanted to help; by the way this is very ridiculous I should even have to complain and argue about all this.

I hate this game and it is a farce. So be it and take that to bank my friend...goodnoite and I hope you sleep well knowing how many people you mislead and make terribly unhappy for they get no fortune or anything. Again. thankyou so much for a waste of time and money , forethought and venture of terrible interruptions of my mind.

Please stop it. ASnd thanxxxxxx.

Product or Service Mentioned: Publishers Clearing House Game.

Monetary Loss: $2948.

  • Time Inc.
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silly. It's not their fault you decided not to play again. :roll