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Publishers clearing house is a bubchvof *** my mom has been dealing with PCH for nearly 25 years she orders their stuff but yet still hasnt won a darn thing we sit here and watchcyour dumb commercials of people winning and they looked like people that have only played for a week im tired of your scams and bs if your for real then pick a winner that truly deserves it

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Ordering does not help you win on Publishers Clearing House. Every entry is treated the same.

It is actually illegal to give special consideration to someone because they bought something. If you are only ordering stuff to get entered you should not do that. Obviously not everybody is going to win this sweepstakes. Do you have any idea how many entries they get for each giveaway?

I think the odds for their biggest prize is over 1 billion to 1. Somebody does actually win every year but if you think you should win because you've been entering for over 20 years you are mistaken. People do really win and PCH awards all prizes but the chances of winning the bigger prizes are pretty small.

It definitely IS NOT a scam at all. Good luck.