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To Whom: I like to respond to the lady who stated she won $40,000.00 on a Bingo Scratch Ticket from PCH... First off when you receive a package from PCH there is in fact a Scratch Ticket enclosed in there.

You scratch it and it says a amount that YOU COULD WIN. So you have a Entry Ticket towards winning that amount that your scratcher indicated. So in fact Scratch Tickets that are received in your package box from PCH NEVER EVER indicate that you are indeed a instant winner, just that you have a entry towards that amount scratched!!! So Lady that wrote she won its a bunch of BS because no Scratcher is a Instant winner.

So Good Luck Lady waiting for your "Suppose" winning Scratcher...I think "Pigs Will Fly" before you receive your $40,000.00. Just Saying!!!

I'm writing this to stick up for PCH Sweepstakes and let EVERYONE know the REAL TRUTH behind that story...So ROCK ON PCH, thanks for all the fun and exciting Sweeps you provide for us!!! Fallon Haralson/Tucson,AZ

Reason of review: People who are Rude and Disrespectful towards PCH when in fact it was not there fault but her own!!!.

Preferred solution: Just people to know the story, and the real truth behind it!.

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