Gladstone, Oregon
Not resolved

I received a bill ,for something I did not order,nor received.

I do not have internet at, home,so use a library computer.

I do remember,last spring going through , stuff,quickly,but I did not order anything. In fact, I have never ordered anything from PCH.

I received message thanking me for ordering ,time was almost up on computer,(60 min. limit). Computer closed down when I tried cancel order, I never made. Had to wait until next day , went to a site ,for Pch, and posted I never ordered anything.There was a mistake, and I wanted to cancel whatever, was ordered ,since I would not pay, for something I did not order. I never received anything from PCH,in the mail , so felt it was over. However just received a bill,never opened ,sent back ,with message ,"I did not order or receive anything from PCh." I am contacting Oregon Justice, consumer dept. to file a complaint against PCH. I refuse to pay for something I never received, or ordered.

Product or Service Mentioned: Publishers Clearing House Website.

Reason of review: Problem with delivery.

Publishers Clearing House Cons: Deceptiveness, Or recieve, Did not recieve.

  • Billed For Company Error
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