Farmington, Maine

You are harassing me. This is my THIRD attempt at alerting billing (to no avail).

My records show Publishers clearing house cashed check #1256 issued Jan 16 for a battery pack, on March 18, 2013. My bill will be for $7.99 only for shipping. No further orders until this is resolved. I have an old saying "Never pay for the same thing twice".

I have nothing else to say except I can only hope someone islistening. For the 3rd time again, I never paid the sum of $0.99.

payment received listed thereon. Not a happy customer, Nancy C Lindgren

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About $400 worth of stuff from them they try to stiff me for seven hundred and something I put everything I bought I got from them and put it in a box and sent it back but I lost hours and hours of filling out sweepstakes for them the money cost me and stamps they just kept pushing me hard like I was going to be a big winner if I just kept buying things stationary that makes it you would make that you were going to get a check the very next week and that you were going to get 7000 a week for the rest of your life they said they weren't equipped to take things back I sent it back anyway I lost count how much money they con me out of. I and I'm an old man and I live on Social Security I am disabled had my right knee replaced and I'm unable to work this is my phone 432 934 28 2 8


I really Need Help I really to File A Lawsuit ASAP