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online payments

i can i make a payment online??



I've been playing this contest stuff since 1977 started through the mail and now has moved to online.I feel once you enter you shouldn't have to go thru so many things to get entered into winning money for each giveaway.

Like for an Aug one there will be 25-30 emails on please place a order stuff. I have a full time job don't have time for sitting at my computer going thru that many things to be entered. Maybe I should just stay with the lottery I buy a ticket I win or don't. I don't have to jump thru hoops like Publishers Clearinghouse.

I guess after 40 years it's time to stop wasting time on this. Today alone there was 4 Publishers Clearinghouse things on my computer. Tomorrow more for 1 contest.

MY QUESTION TO YOU.Why does it take so long and so many games or buy stuff to enter one giveaway..


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