East Brunswick, New Jersey
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this company stated i was a winner and mail a pair of binoculars , with a bill of $25 dollars, and today sent cajun&hout nuts. with no bill.

this is not legal. I played the scrach off on line in a e-mail, that was online, please do not send a vires to my computer i have read other complants.

I don't feel i should pay for this because it was a winning, this was the agreement and I allowed my address to be received and typed it into the required bars on the page. has anyone else been frauded

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I feel strongly that Publishers Clearing House is a fraud because you never win anything but a huge bill. I played their sweepstakes from the years 1998 to 2019 Never won

TenuousTawny Owl

Today I received a package of roots for Orange Glory Flowers. Not notifier of a win...but got this package.

Now I am worried about it. Send me a bill and I WILL be ballistically pissed.


You sent me a letter that I ordered something...I never received any order....what is up?Nancy PichlerW3148 County Road RDurand WI 54736yikesthemouse@yahoo.com


I went on this to just try it out because I did not believe what they were saying. So I checked it out and saw this add for socks.

Did not press it I swear but a week later I get a bill and a package.

What's really weird is that I looked up the address that wasn't mine and look on Google maps and saw that it was my address!!!?? I went back to the search all screen and found so many websites with sooo many complaints.


I wish to be contacted via E mail or phone to talk to someone, a live person if you will. betnor51@sbcglobal.net


I did order some handkerchiefs to help enter for money What i didn`t expect was a rip-off on the hankies AFTER FIRST WASH THE WERE SHREDDING I HAD TO TAKE SICCORS AND CUT OFF WHOLE BUNCH OF THREADS !! NEVER AGAIN!! by pch