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If someone tells me I have won some money I will be more skeptical and it makes sense that they must not have it to give because they sent me on a run a round that goes back to 2006 and yes I am pissed I feel I have more than enough right to be. And when they send me the sorry for the misunderstanding someone else is scamming you not us.

Well to this I say you are a bunch of no good liars I know what I received in my email came from their business and they should be held responsible for their actions. Why go on pulling the same old bull routine.

Are they that desperate for clients or removed from reality.You think that it would not work long for them so I can only conclude there are more suckers than I can imagined and they must be reorganizing due to Amazon pushing there business aside.

It seems to me that they are not pushing there normal ad routine and they are out to make a buck of the search engine payout. I don't care how they make it but I do care about having my name sold out to telemarketing scams and receiving thousands of notices in my mail box telling I have won a million dollars that never shows up and the emails continue to reflect similar information sending on a wild goose chase to nothing but frustration and despair.No amount of money will change my view of what this organization has put me through and I don't think they have any intention of paying anyone for this I think of seeing the prize patrol ripped to shreds in my dreams and I will rest more peaceful.

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do you even read the fine print, and do you realize you don't have to buy anything to win? I think that's the big problem with all of the complaints.

You all don't pay attention, just assume you won. You need to make sure you know they won't email or bother you online. If you won, they either show up at your home, or they will send it certified mail.

Pay closer attention. You can also unsubscribe from the emails, too.