Texas City, Texas
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Got a phone call today 09/15/15 say you ar the chosin one ou of one hundred congradulations! You won 1.5 million dollars theres not going to be any charge to you...

continue on me leaughing as the guy is talking. Get peace paper write dow information i give you! Me laughing ok this is a joke. Guy not joke write down..

ok writing down. Giy gives me two random names and says oh theres a lady and a sir that will show up at you house today the armed! Armed! Truck has balloons red and whitw.

Me laughing ok sir what ever. Now you talk to my lawyer ok sure lets do this. Lawyer gets on the phone. You need to go to the walmart by you and get a confermation recept with your name on it.

Me laughing so hard! Thats going to cost you 250$ me um wait at the satrt of th phone call you said it wont cost any thing to me im th lucky winner of 1.5 million dollars. Oh im sorry its 250$ and we reimbers you muhahaha um no. They tryed geting me to go pawn stuff tryed gettin me to take a payday loan tryed getin me to go barrow from my banke!

When i told them no they started cusing at me!!!! Dont fall for this *** people it not real!

Product or Service Mentioned: Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Go to night school and take a class in English Literature. Buy a dictionary or at the least, use spell check, yu lok lyke an *** tipeing werds like dis, foo.