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PCH is a scam. because no scamer would send u a letter with PCH logo and pch Address on it .

and put the right name as the presedent of PCH. if they where scaming u. they would not wont u to send PCH what ever they are scaming u for. but when u call to clam your prize the tell u its to late that day to clam a prize?

what that bull if someone call to clam there prize then take the time for that winner. thats your job. so what if u have to work late . we all have had to do that in are lifes .

so why don't PCH? then u call back and when u get a hold of some one they tell u that it was a scam because if u won then the prize patrol will come to your door. will like all u people said read what it says it says that if u win lotto that they will mail a letter to u. no calls no emails .

but u will get a letter in the mail. well mybe the people that u talk to on the phone should not tell u that its a scam and that u can throw the letter away. just know that this happened to some one and this person keep the letter and know found out that the letter was not a scam like they told her and know because this happend and was told a lie by PCH this person may not get the winnins because there has been some time that has pasted. but that is bull *** because they told this person it was a scam this person believed them and this person dont know if they can still clam the winnings.

so yes it is a scam . because if this is true then this person should get what this person won.

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Your grammar gives me cancer. Please fix it. You don't make any *** sense!