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Update by user Sep 19, 2016

While it states that I was the only one that got this message, and that they are sorry my name shouldn't have said I won( aren't they computer generated!) Who's to say I didn't?! Upon doing further research I have found at least 30 others that received the exact same email, that they probably sent out in a mass email to many people, I think they are frauds and need a class action lawsuit filed against them for denying winnings to winners on their app, they have been sued by 24 states stating their language was misleading in their mailers, but we all were told we won~they shouldn't be allowed to get away with just saying oh our computer wasn't supposed to say you were a winner?

Prove it!

I think I was and you don't want to pay me, so you make up it was supposed to be last months winners name. Attorney General give us some justice

Original review posted by user Sep 18, 2016

Publishers Clearing House Customer Service

September 17, 2016

Dear VIP,

VIP's like you are so important to us and we wanted to reach out at once to apologize and correct some inaccurate information that was recently provided to you.

We learned early this morning that due to an error your name was mistakenly included in a winner announcement sent to you for a $10,000 sweepstakes prize. The announcement including your name was sent only to you, and not to anyone else.

The name appearing in the announcement was supposed to have been our recent winner, Mark deGuzman of San Jose, CA. Unfortunately, in our effort to announce this news, your name was inadvertently inserted in the announcement.

We deeply regret any confusion this may have caused and want to assure you that we have taken steps to prevent such an error from occurring again. By way of a thank you for your loyalty, we are automatically entering you into a special contest in which we will draw 5 winners of $10,000.

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us immediately at


Emily Johnson

Emily Johnson

Manager, Customer Service


Visit us at pch. com for great deals and exciting opportunities to enter our Sweeps


Product or Service Mentioned: Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Most players are poor, but EVERY "winner" lives in a nice place in a nice neighbourhood-statistical impossibility; evidence that their winners are paid actors. NEVER any local news coverage of "winners;" more evidence of acting.

Watching their commercials, many of the extras in the background previously appeared as "winners" in recent "sweepstakes;" evidence against actual winners. Overwhelming evidence-not a shred of proof supporting the idea of actual winners.


I received my code sometime ago. Activate my Code.(SP604) I am claiming entry for code!


I am on the final step requested I hope I am making the qualification to be in the final step for the $1000000 cash prize the $5,000 a week for life with the number 11000.


Yes I received mine Activate code SP44


I receive mine activate sp444


My husband has paid out thousands ofdollareand never wins any in return. What is this.

Is it notfair. He will never do business with you ever again.


How come the word I used, '***', was starred out? *** is not a vulgar word.

Also, I would also like to be informed of any lawsuits here in California, because I bought many items from PCH, and they really insist that you do, so much in fact, that they have fraudulently added things in my shopping cart, or whatever, that I never even ordered. I raised *** with them for doing that, and no, *** is NOT a bad word either, but I sure do not want to end up there.

I have *** on earth which I do not even deserve. I do not need to suffer in it eternally.


I hate Publishers ClearingHouse, and would love to sue them. Their merchandise is overpriced, and the shipping, and handling is outrageous.

I ordered three glow in the dark plastic bug zappers, and they want $14.00 dollars extra for the shipping & handling. Nobody ever wins in California, and I am wondering if the people in those commercials are only paid actors. I did contact an older lady in New York, from that winners list, and she said she won a million dollars from PCH, and that they wanted to spread it out, so that she would die before she could collect it all, but she threatened to sue them, so they reluctantly gave it to her in full. The people who really need it, never win.

It is usually those who are well off who win the lottery. PCH is a scam to make money off junk, and outrageous shipping. I was never even sent checks for those PCH lotto games, they claimed I won. They get paid for us to go online, and play those *** games, but nobody wins any money, nor merchandise.

Those people who were informed that they won, should have sued PCH, when PCH told them it was an error. PCH stinks!


I have been ripped off too. But mine was on the slots.

It says if you get 3 instant win symbols on a pay line, you win instantly. Well this has happened to me 3 times in the last 24 hours, and I have the screenshots from my phone to prove it. I emailed them after the first time and they said they have no record of me winning.

Well I don't have proof of that win, but I sure do for the next two!!! Wonder if there's anything that can be done....


I have experienced the same thing and have both the winning announcements and email. Please let me know if someone files a class action law suit.

Thank you very much!


I was another who received the $10,000 congratulations announcement. Being a VIP customer, that would have meant $20,000.

I copied the announcement,the letters, etc.

What puzzles me is how such a big company (since 1953) can be so unprofessional. Their supervision and tech departments are very amateurish. This is a huge PR nightmare! What they need to do is more than 50,000 tokens.

Tokens cost them nothing-NOTHING!!! What they need to do is offer 1 million tokens to each person who got this message. Then, since we are their so-called BEST CUSTOMERS, credit 5 items on each account (limit $100).

To regain some respectability, a personal letter with these 2 offerings included, needs to reach each effected PCH customer.

People have lost a secure feeling with this company. I cannot return items already purchased because I don't trust them to credit my account.

I would need to send each "certified return requested" which would add up to more than the original cost.

Obviously they are going to lose many of their best customers because of this stupidity and how they have handled it.

I call them, calls disconnected. They say they will call me back-nope!

Any class actions, please include me!

@Sam Doane

I too was surprised by the 10000$ winner pop up and got both an email later with an apology and when I logged in the next day another apology popped up before I could do anything else I was and am still pissed in there own rules section they state that it is against announcing winners who have not actually won I am currently looking to talk to a lawyer to see if anything can be done please let me know if you find anything out and I will do the same.

@pch pay up

What happend with that thay told me the same thing it was a error every day I'm in a entry or drawling if thay can give people million for life they can pay us are 10.000 dollors



@Sam Doane

Do not pay them for the merchandise. So what if they ruin your credit.

All you need to do is explain what they did to you to the credit reporting agencies. PCH will never allow you to order anything else with them on credit. They will make you pre-pay, but do you really need the stuff they sell? I am going to pay them $20.00 a month, for four months.

I have done that before, due to their outrageous shipping costs, and they still send me the merchandise without pre-paying. I still hate them however.

They think we are all senile. Perhaps most of their customers are.

@Sam Doane

I cannot believe the word you used, ' Stupidity', did not get blotted out. I used the word ***, and it got blotted out. I bet it will be blotted out again.