Fresno, California
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Today I received an email from Publishers Clearing House stating that I won the grand prize hours later they email me back saying that it was a mistake that they sent information to the wrong person with my name on it that it was to go to a Mexican man in another state well I see a lot of lies within that for one how could you make a mistake like that we are two different Sexes for one he's a man and I am a female he is Mexican and I am African-American you cannot make a mistake like that you just cant that was a load of bull *** can somebody out there tell me is there a way that I can sue Publishers Clearing House for making me think that I won and then turning around telling me I didn't behind a *** mistake that should not have been made because no similarities in any the details to make a mistake that huge dont think so today pch lost all respect from me....

Product or Service Mentioned: Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Look at some of their blogs, for class action lawsuit info




Hey B'ham. I'm in Montgomery.

Am mailing out my State Attorney General Package next Monday...3 Oct. Send the AG anything you've got. I'm contacting for AGs: AL, CA, OK & NY.

I have found one other person in PA. I am gunning for a Class Action Suit big time over this one!


They did it to me to today I got the same letter


I am already contacting the CA Attorney General, because if the man they mentioned all over the place is indeed genuine...they have invaded his privacy big-time & he can take legal action for that. Send her all you've got! Good Luck!