Chicago, Illinois

I am very turned off with Publishers Clearing House because I ordered a special adhesive that is to be used to seal rips, tears, hems, etc in fabrics and while waiting for this order they sent me a free gift.

Free gift my ###. I never asked for this supposedly free gift which they felt they should charge me $4.99 for shipping it to me.

The box when I got it in the mail was not marked as having this free gift in it so I opened it thinking that it was this special adhesive. In the box the note said my adhesive was backordered but they were happy to send me this free gift with the condition that I send them the $4.99 in shipping charges for it.

I will no longer buy anything from them when they send me the contest envelopes because they only want me to buy products from them at outrages amounts of money. They list their products at a certain amount which seems reasonable until you check closer and find out that it's several more additional payments of that amount.

I am also tired of paying high shipping and handling charges sometimes more than the cost of the item I am buying.

From now on their mail will go in the garbage.

Thanks for letting me inform others of this scam.

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@Amanda Testerman

Vice-president Deborah Holland, please help me out.

@Amanda Testerman

Please help me out and meet up with me in person with those FEDERAL BUREAU OF INVESTIGATION agents as soon as possible.


Well, shipping and handling is on the back of the order form, bone head. PCH is prolly a scam but they get away with it .


Because of little pansies like you, who order that highly over priced cheap junk, when it's clearly states you don't have to purchase anything to win nor does purchasing anyting make your chances of winning any greater.....