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I received a message on my phone stating i have won 82 thousand dollars. I called the number the left, and talked to someone named Michael Myers who said i did win 82 thousand dollars from Publishing Clearing House and they would be at my house today with the money all i had to do was send

them 299 dollars through western union.

Obviously, I didn't send them the money. I do not have that kind of money to give away just because they said I won.

They just called me again right now to see if I went to Western Union yet to send them the money. Its really starting of *** me off!

Who can I call to see if these people are who they say they are? I really would like to find out how many others they have taken for their money.

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I've gotten 2 phone calls from someone with a accent claiming I won money too. I know it's not true since PCH does not call you if you win. Just hang up on these people.


I got a call this morning from 876-507-9867 and a man with a thick accent named "Michael Green" from Publisher's Clearing House told me I won a 2nd prize of $275,000 and a 2011 Honda CR-V. He told me all I had to do was pay $450, which is 1% of my taxes, to an accountant named Bonnie Moore in Burleson, TX.

He asked if I wanted to speak to a "manager", and of course I did. His name was *** Lopez. His number was 876-884-3381. I asked him where he was calling from and he said Texas as well.

I knew that wasn't a TX area code so I googled it and sure enough- Jamaica. I asked him why it's a Jamaica number and he said it's a travel phone... OK... Sure!

He then told me to go to Walmart ASAP so they could be at my house at 2:30, when I told him I wouldn't be home, he asked if I was home now. I said yes and he wanted to send my winnings immediately and would dispatch the guys and prize crew right away.

I told him I was getting ready to leave to work and he said to call him back when I got home. I called the REAL PCH @ 877-379-3377 and they confirmed it was a scam and they transferred me to their scams department and I gave them all the information I received.

Don't let them fool you!!!




Big scam.......Do not send any money. If you win a prize you will never have to send money to get your prize.