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Been playing for awhile havent even won a gift card with my tokens or anything is this for real i wouldnt even care if i won 10 dollars but i dont think its for real none of my friends have one please let ne win someyhing to show me iys real.husband needs some luck has had two heart attacks since august thank u.

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I have been playing, entering contest, playing these games since the early 80s , all I've gotten was high bills that I could of brought the same item cheaper and better quality in slot of cases. I racked up a bill.

Still no prize

I started playing with PCH in my early 20s I'm not retired and disable. I find This a misleading company.

They get you too play these games &Claim your Always going to get a visit from the PCH with flowers etc. Wonder what would happen if we all showed up with Lawyers at the main office.