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I feel that when you're watching television and these people are screaming and trying to act excited that they're winning The Publisher Clearing House Sweepstake checks that it's all a scam just trying to make people think there is such a contest that you can win money like that without having to invest your own money into this so-called contest I feel that a lot of other people probably feel exactly like me and when they get there Publisher Clearing House letters in the mail they rip them up because what's the use of somebody saying you're going to be a winner with one in a billion if that that's a pretty good way for you to get money from people trying to make them think they're going to win money I hope whoever becomes president looks into these kind of scams that are out there preying on poor people like us trying to make us think we can get rich quick other than the lottery the lottery has a better chance of winning then the club Publisher Clearing House Sweepstakes

Reason of review: Not as described/ advertised.

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I have never met anyone who actually believed their commercials. Have you been living in a cave and not heard?