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Publishers clearing house is harassing me , by emailing me in my gmail.! I' want them to stop , Please make them stop emailing me and to please tell them to delete my house address and also delete my email and password in gmail, If they do not stop , I'll be forced to have to call the cops and have them sent to jail, Thanks , Carolyn Achee .

This is a scam !

These people at publishers clearing house gets peoples adresesses so that they can get someone to break into they're houses , I'm not *** ya'll know ! I really need this stopped !

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Publishers Clearing House is getting out of hand. Sending emails at all hours of the day & night - 6 to 10 or more of them in a 24 hr day.

Selling stuff for upwards of $30 I can get at the dollar store. How do I stop it?!