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I am 71 years old. A Vietnam Veteran. Played youe "games" since 1979. Ordered many many products. Right now I have 4.4 million Tokens. I have been informed that I am so close winning your Grand Prize, more times than you can imagine.

To date, almosr 40 years since I have been playing... I have N E V E R been awarded a penny. Never been sent a trinket or prize. Never been told by your Contest Mongers..."Thank you for being a Loyal Customer (participant).

Also I have never noticed that PCH has ever helped any US Veterans Group, Police or Fire Department... given a donation to any group of Americans who help.others.... no just your company, your executives, your owners.

Congratulations for being for what may be the most selfesh, self-centered group of people to which I have ever been exposed.

If my appraisal of your deeds and doings is incorrect please let me know. I will be the first person to yell from the highest hill...Good Job... PCH!

I am not PISSED... just disappointed. Hey, maybe PCH could share some of its wealth...and give some Wounded Warriors a little boost by.. Helping them them out. In the mean time, please know I am a Network Television Director and Former Army Reserve Ambassador (12 years), and 6-year US Air Force Veteran (1962 - 1968).

If you need help finding some US Military Veterans who could use some help...lemme know... I will help you.

Thank you for taking time to review my comments. And, again, I hope that PCH is, in reality, a group of good Americans...who are not as self-centered as they seem.

My God Bless you and yours.

Product or Service Mentioned: Publishers Clearing House Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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I have also been entering P.C.H. sweepstakes for a long time.

Since 1989 I have been a loyal customer but I only purchase items that I can use or as gifts. I realize that buying products they offer doesn't increase my odds of winning. I really had my hopes up this year to win the 5 grand a week for life. I was told that it was increased to 7 grand, then to 15 grand a week for life.

I am disabled from a car accident, my husband is a type 2 diabetic who hauls fuel for a living. He works 12 hours a day on average, with only 6 days off a month. He doesn't have the energy to exercise after work, on his days off he's busy doing chores, yard work, etc...I was putting so much time and effort into trying to win. Well, today came and went, I feel like all my work was in vain.

I call every day to enter, I enter online, respond to emails and it was a waste of my time. The odds of winning are not good but I kept my positive outlook in hopes that I could take care of my husband. If his diabetes keeps getting worse and he has to use insulin he will lose his job. For almost 30 years I was entering and my husband knew someone who won a big prize from P.C.H in the 1970's so I thought, why not me someone has to win.

I got two checks from them, one was less than a dollar and one for $10.00 this year. If I had the money I spent on stamps we could go on a vacation. Now I feel like a fool, taken advantage of and it makes me sick when I think about my precious time that I can never get back. I even used visualization, affirmations and I prayed a lot.

I'll enter online just until the end of contest in June, then I will be done for good. They even offered me the customer appreciation prize this year.

My 90 year old Mom also got a check for $10.00 this year. My odds of winning would be better playing the lottery or buying scratcher tickets.