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PCH did not processed important mailed in entries(even with merchandise order as documented). Mailed through USPS overnight express, signed by their employee, but still did not get processed. They probably threw it in the trash. Especially when it is on an important Winner Selection List. At the end claimed no matching winning number found. Proofs and evidences(pictures and usps receipts sent, their employee signature), plus my publisher clearing house account screenshot can be provided if needed. Waiting for another Class Action Lawsuit, to provide these evidences. Here is one of the Publishers Clearing House class action lawsuit for using deceptive marketing techniques.


Reason of review: Very Unethical Services.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Publishers Clearing House Cons: False claims, Unethical, Deceptiveness.

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I think you have to go to a lawyer that does that kind of stuff and tell them you want to sue them. Then they go find the class action suits if there is one. Just like the ads you see on TV for drug companies getting sued.I think, but I don't know for sure.Note: I think that last class action was just for the state's that did it


Well I've been playing for over 20yrs, and am always a finalist, you've just won and have ordered and not ordered and still haven't won a dime. It seems like ordering will not increase your chances to win, but not ordering they stop contacting you about the final outcome, and P.S you didn't win a dime just signed up to pay.there sponsors it's pretty sad, and elderly people aren't the only ones who want to win middle age people are trying to give their families a better life, too while they can enjoy the money if you real old I mean really


I myself also received this kind of emails and phone calls also on the app I was told I won 12000 andbwhen I called they told me it was a mistake. SCAMERS I singed up every day and now I won't stop getting emails and alerts on my phone.


Feb 23 2018 Publishers Clearing house is false hope I received an email saying they were on there way with 10,000.000.00 and a car. I have been entering every day every way I am elite vip they just lie to try to make the poor order stuff. You are a scam false promises caused mental suffering to all.


My name came up on thed app saying I won 10,000 dollars. They sent me an email saying it was a glitch andx suposed to be someone elses name and I was the only one it happened to.

Then several other people posted saying they won also and recieved the same email. They owe me 10,000 grand. And a *** tonof other people they ducked out of paying computer showed my name as a winner. They should honor glitch or not.

Prove it want my name generated. I can prove it wad

@Katy Ebbett

I received the same email a couple months back. Stating that my name somehow was mistakingly announced instead of the real winner.

I was assured that this mistake wasn't very reaccuring and as an apology I was entered into a "special sweep".....

smh uhh how about honoring my 10,000 dollars I won! I mean what effect could it possibly have on any prize money's if pch offers 5,000 a week for life?


I just sent a heated feedback message to PCH. I want a class action attorney to represent any and everyone who entered.

They say there is no purchases necessary, but the amount of harassment and spam sent to your email daily is horrendous. They tell you your entry is not secure unless you head over to their site and use their search engine. Not only do they do this to you once, but they send these emails to you daily and multiple times. It not only leaves you confused and threatened, but you feel as if you have no idea anymore if you've actually entered the sweepstakes or not.

Since I entered the several weeks ago, I receive no less than 4 to 5 emails from PCH daily, threatening that my entry and how it won't be honored and I'm in jeopardy. All the emails suggest I'm not really entered unless I take action. This leaves the person not really knowing what's going on, or if they've entered correctly. You can't unsubscribe, because you'd never know if you won or not.

The harassment has been relentless.

That company is sincerely screwed up. I'll never have anything to do with them again and an attorney should do something about this.


JarrettbI feel the exact same way!!! Ughhh I am very upset!

The reason why I am reading these posts is because I was looking for recent class action lawsuits against PCH. They are a BIG SCAM!!! Your post is EXACTLY how I feel! I took a screenshot of your post because I am going to try and start a class action suit if one has not already been put into effect!They have emailed me so much spam mail that it made me want to unsubscribe from their site.

However, then I would obviously not be eligible to receive a prize! It's a catch-22 and this type of racketeering scam should be illegal!If anyone happens to read both of our posts and feel like you are also being harassed by PCH with unsolicited emails, stating that in order to be in the running for a prize, you must search dozens of websites on a list they provide to you every single day over and over in order to keeo your original entry eligible to receive a prize!!!

Once you enter the sweepstakes the first time that should be it!!!! It is truly misleading and honestly I feel like even though I entered the contest...I really don't have a "real" chance of winning anything!


I have been told for yeara I have been a winner, but I have never seen a dime. 1 year I was asked what kind of roses I like, and to be home fir their arrival but no one ever showed up.

I am disabled and I think they are taking advantage of us and the elder in a horrible way. This is disturbing.

I think they should be SHUT DOWN. I'm in on any law suit open and wish I could initiate it.


I was totally scammed by P.C.H Mental cruelty,abuse of the elderly and punitive damages. I was told in so many letters that I won 2,000.000.00 and $5000.00 a week for life. I would like a consultation and recoup some money from them.

I sincerely thank you

Cynthia Vasche

@cynthia Vasche