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PCH did not processed important mailed in entries(even with merchandise order as documented). Mailed through USPS overnight express, signed by their employee, but still did not get processed. They probably threw it in the trash. Especially when it is on an important Winner Selection List. At the end claimed no matching winning number found. Proofs and evidences(pictures and usps receipts sent, their employee signature), plus my publisher clearing house account screenshot can be provided if needed. Waiting for another Class Action Lawsuit, to provide these evidences. Here is one of the Publishers Clearing House class action lawsuit for using deceptive marketing techniques.


Reason of review: Very Unethical Services.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Publishers Clearing House Cons: False claims, Unethical, Deceptiveness.

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I placed two orders that were to include additional ‘free’ items. One product was ladies socks, the ‘free’ socks were not included in my shipment.

After 4 written complaints, I finally received the ‘free’ socks with the admonition that ‘free’ socks were not a promotion at the time I ordered the socks. My suggestion to all who unwisely chose to order from Publishers Clearinghouse is to keep a screenshot of the advertisement on the day you place the order. The second order I placed was for magazines and was to include two additional different magazines with the one I actually received 11 weeks later. After 6 written complaints I have yet to receive the products as advertised.

These were paid for at the time of ordering, so this is another suggestion I would make to folks NEVER pay at the time of ordering as you have no recourse in the event the items are not received. I would be interested in hearing of others who have had similar issues and would be interested in entering into a class action proceeding.


anyone care to get another class action against PCH, for all the emails and useless tokens? there is not a reason to have all these emails when everyone knows there is never a real winner...


Just late last year back on Monday, November 5th, 2018 and Tuesday, November 6th, 2018 during the late night hours, I was emailing and using bad languages to Publishers Clearing House in order for me to WIN a Publishers Clearing House Prize Patrol visit in person as soon as possible because that’s actually a scam at the time.


11 years of entries....countless many thousands of entries....about 100 million tokens used for entries in various draws. Got 2 check 'prizes' from pch over 2 yrs (one for $5 and one for $10) which my bank did not honor...PCH is just using the sweepstakes b.s.

as a technique of cheap marketing...their email costs are a tax deductible business expense, as are their It guys creating and maintaining their site....PCH is a joke....a 1 in 4 billion chanxe of winning the big prize..

.lol....yes. It is nothing nore than a cheaply done advertising and promotion scam using sweepstakes....which seem to be false....


For two or three yrs now I have been getting ails from pch an I always hit spam and try to unsubscribe. But they somehow keep finding a way to weasel back in my inbox.

I'm all for another law suit. Not only my inbox but my phone get blown up every day from calls


I signed up for PCH at the age of 18. I thought that I could win.

I purchased one thing from them. The next thing I knew, they expected me to pay for things that I didn't order, and they added late fees. I'm 19 now (as of August 1st, 2019). My advice to you is to never sign up for PCH.

It's a scam! I will close my account as soon as I pay them off, and I hope that they leave me alone.


Then, please do me a favor by paying Publishers Clearing House off with those fees and close my own Publishers Clearing House account immediately! Because I would leave Publishers Clearing House alone.


Stop giving my information to scams cheast and lyer


Why sue? you think the law industry cares about you? You'd get 6 bucks and the law firm gets millions to kick back to the judges and pch......


I too am willing to file a lawsuit against PCH. How many times have we wastes valuable data and time entering these sweepstakes just to find out there were no winners at the end of the sweeps?

I don't see how these *** keep getting away with it. I have had an incident where they claimed I have won cash then claimed it was a mistake which is false advertising. I have received emails claiming I have won a reward, just to find out the "reward" was meaningless tokens or entries for another fake sweepstake that I could have visited their page and entered myself. More false advertising.

When the *** does it end? grungerocker1983@gmail.com


Verifying an order/ canceling an order you did not place!? An address showed up on screen, that was for another state, With my name attached to that address for that order I did not place!?

I thought there might have been a glich in the app/ on line!? I reached coustomer service finally and even called! [ gave information ] it was supposed to be fixed!? They gave me a number to call in to enter sweeps with my ID confirmation number.

I entered by fone & looked for the mailing to come on my E-mail & inbox! Nonthing! for the rest of the year & next. So I checked out something and found PCH was sending mail/ intrents in my name to another state & using a similar email address!!

I reached out again to PCH w. that number & (same) taking of information from me, call in, no inbox, So I deleted my E-mail account and got new fone After the rest of the year went by Then I entered again from my "New Email" & Fone!! I sent text in social -communicat/ing my displeased accounting of them! I think I was going to win/ my number was generated/ selected!!??

It would be the only reason for their Conduct in the matter!? I was sent a false alert or "wrong person" notifacation of acceptance of "Car/ x:Acknowledgement!!

Well they said it was sent by mistake mentioned for someone in California!!???.! I know some people are being duped out of their Winn's.


PCH has totally misrepresented this contest. My 77 yr. old husband has been duped, and I am furious!


I've read the BBB reviews on Publisher's Clearinghouse after learning that they were once again being sued. BBB rates PCH as A+ even though they have already paid out 55-and-a-half Million dollars in Settlements so Far.

And they are currently being sued for the same type of behavior. I'm so glad that these people have the courage to stand up to these shady activities. PCH says that they've paid out something like 382 million dollars since they've been in business. But they've also paid out 55 million settling lawsuits against them.

No telling how much more they would have had to have paid had they not settled. I wish that I wasn't so desperately poor that I have been spending so much time trying to win some money in their sweepstakes. The more I play, the more I realize what a waste of time it is and that all the stuff that people have been complaining about them is most likely true. They need to get their act together and stop all of the alleged deceptive sales tactics.

I'm proud to say that I've never ordered anything from them in my life. They tried to make me think I've ordered stuff before and I had to waste time calling them up to tell them not to send it. I think that the BBB site should clearly state for all to see that they have been sued numerous times and details about the 55million dollars in settlements. Hey, that money could have been used to have made winners out of desperately poor people.

I'm very concerned, and iI want to ad that it upsets me to hear that many of the alleged victims are the elderly. PCH, leave the Elderly alone and pick on somebody young like me.

You will never trick me with any of your deceptive sales practices, and if I ever become senile and don't have all my wits about me and am secectible to being easily scammed, I pray to god that someone stands up for me and sues them If they try those deceptive sales tactics one me. God Bless, and may god forgive everyone involved for what they've done and lead them to being honest.


Did anyone get the email that they had said that the $7,000 a week had not been awarded on 4-27-2018 ,and that you had until midnight to respond. I have been entering for years and have not received anything even on the awards for the tokens.

I have entered large amount of tokens, and I feel I should have won something.

They are getting paid for us viewing their ads are time is valuable. If they want to be in this type of business they should do what they promise.


I actually received notification while I was playing that I had won the $7000 a week for life but they would not honor it. Said it was a mistake.

Trying to find a lawyer to represent me. I want to sue them but am at a loss as to how to go about it.


I will join a class action lawsuit against pch for false advertising and false hope when they didn’t award their $7000 a week award after many weeks of hype. It is false and deceptive.


I want in on this lawsuit I have been entering for years and have bought things to help with chance of winning. I get emils and thingsmailed to my home and no matter how much they promise that I amclose to winning I never have.


They do target sr till you do not buy anything


Back in 2016 they told me I won 10,000 then 3 hours later said it was an error and some guy Edward in California won it Now you tell me how the *** mix up Waynesburg,Ohio with California ????? I absolutely want in on this lawsuit How do I add my name to the list I still have the email they sent


How do you join the class action lawsuit for these crooks