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I am so sick of the endless emails from these people.I even have them blocked and they bypass it.

And phone calls. Dont enter. its the biggest scam ever. I must get 20 emails a day in both reg email and spam plus mail and phone calls.

its so annoying. i've called and asked them to stop and they just "i assume" smile and say but you could win this.yeah right anyone know if thats every really happened to anyone?? I dont. Its all a big scam and really do trust me.

dont sign up for anything.its all a lie

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Newark, New Jersey, United States #693807

If you are receiving numerous emails especially with them by passing it, or a large amount of phone calls, It is not the PCH it is scammers.If they are telling you that you want a prize and are asking you to pay a percentage of taxes before you can receive your money, are telling you that they will mail you your prize, it is not PCH at all.

The best thing you can do is go to PCH dot com and contact them. Have them check the prize that you've somehow one.

Real PCH winners do not have to pay a percentage of their prize money, and it is never mailed to you.And your prizes will be delivered by hand from PCH officials.

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