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PCH keeps sending new forms and threatening to discard my original entry if I fail to respond.Every other day I get mail of this nature and then after I respond two days later I get another.

I wonder if there is such a contest. I think it may be some sort of a scam to sell their pathetic products. They sold me three grilling pans worth about 20% of what I paid them for these pans. Now they are doing the same thing with my email address as well.

I accidentally ordered a magazine and was not able to cancel the very next day. I told them cancel my order it was a mistake in two different emails the next day and yet a week later I get a bill.

I don't want the magazines and can't even afford them yet the PCH people just ignored my emails and sent the bill.

Rick Maluchnik

Monetary Loss: $26.

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Highview, Kentucky, United States #605210

You only got the emails every other day?...lucky.

I get at least 7 emails a day saying, "Hey! You are about to be removed from our lists because you don't instantly respond to all 10,000 emails every day! You will never win this money that way." But, it is because you're right: they do in fact depend on all their cheap items and those people that offer over-priced and waste-of-time items are the ones that enable PCH to give out huge sums of money.

;) in all honesty, the odds are a lot less that Techeiro said, but also: although I despise having my email address flooded with junk, I'm still nervous to delete it.Haha


It's not right but things can be dealt with


I keep receiving emails to "enter" for Nov 30 sweep n I hit enter it goes to page where it scrolls across to show u you r being entered, does nothing, line usually scrolls across,(in orange, I think) then says entry confirmed.It is just sitting there, then all of the sudden it switches over to the ads, which are impossible to decline in a lot of them.

Never do get the entry registered, thought the ads, or purchase of a product does not affect chances of winning, but how is that true when u can't even get ur entry in, and it takes u to ad pages?:( :( has happened multiple times w diff entry pages!!!


PCH sweepstakes is a waste of time. Your chances of winning are 1 in 10 million. Get a life.

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