Trinity, Texas
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I will get a letter from Pch sweepstakes informing me to call and verify my address. I called and they try to sell magazines.

Next letter they will not answer from same phone number. Call from a different phone and they answer and same thing. Got another letter , they done the same thing. My seventh letter and they will not answer from any of the numbers I used in the pass.

Called today using a new number , my daughters , and of course they answered after calling from all the old numbers. This should be illegal.

If I dont verify my address I am disquilified. Pch is a ripoff used just to sell magazines.

Product or Service Mentioned: Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes.

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PCH made me feel like i had to either buy their magazine or my entery will be waived. first of all, i dont want those *** magazine. itn't that illegal?


PCH has been a rip-off for many years now. Best to just throw away anything coming from them. A huge scam.