Denver, Colorado
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Publishers Clearing House sent me a vocher for a 32 piece cook set, received it all in good condition. They took the money out of my account for the remaining balance minus the vocher which again this is all good.

then today i noticed they took more money out of my account and i cant get ahold of anyone to ask why????The phone rings but no one answers, did i get scamed?? I'm guessing I will have to through the hassle of contacting my bank and stopping payment.

Not sure what to do another pissed off consumer... this is what puts a bad name on odering on line.

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Ordering online is ok as long as you do so with reputable companies, eg., A company you cannot contact by phone is not a good bet to be reputable.

PCH is no longer the company selling magazine subscriptions that it once was. I get their envelopes and just throw in the trash because all they seem to be doing is selling junk for exorbitant prices. good luck. By the way---you should NEVER allow anyone to deduct monies directly from your banque account.

ALWAYS use your credit card for online transactions. That way, when you have a problem like you just did, you can dispute the charge and if not valid, it's gone.

In your case, they already have the money and you may play *** trying to get it back. Good luck