Salisbury, Maryland

I have emailed Publishers Clearing House three times asking them for my Super Prize Number and the winning number they pick and all I get is a run around. They will not give me a direct answer as to where I can get that information.

All they ever tell me is it is at corporate and they have no access to it. I email them again and ask for an email address to get the information and all I gat agin is the run around. No information as to where I can write or email or call. I do not think there is a Super Prize Number.

If there were, why not give it to you when you enter their sweepstakes? Why keep that information from you?

Anybody else out there ever ask them for YOUR number.

Try it and let us know what answer you get. Maybe you will have better luck than I.

Product or Service Mentioned: Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes.

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I have the winning numbers for PCH SuperPrize giveaway number 3080


All I know is if I won the big one, I'd use half the money for "Make a Wish Foundation". I watched it on You-Tube and I cried my eyes out.

No child should have to live with a catastrophic illness. They are so brave and no matter what they try so hard to keep up a good front.

Even the parents got to me. I'm still a mess from it.


Recently I filed action against PCH for many issues including this one that you bring up. I can assure you, there is no super prize number.

A week after PCH was served by the u.s. marshal, pch began calling me directly and asking that if I drop the lawsuit they will pay me 25000.00.

Of course I will not drop the lawsuit! I want this huge affiliate marketing company closed down permanently for all the years of deception and manipulation the 25 grand aint doodley squat.


I have not received anyore emails from them since I have not bought anything from them for quite some time. Going to waste more of their time by entering again.


Makes you wonder if they are any more honest than when they were caught the first time committing fraud against their customers. If you did not buy anything, you DID NOT get an entry in their contest. An investigation caught them red handed.


I used to enter with every mailing. Got tired of going through all the hoops of do this and do that, not to mention all the stamps because sometimes I would get three a week!

Most of their merchandise is really cheap, and anything worth having can be gotten from a store much cheaper. I just enter on line, and have about as much possible luck as the devil getting into heaven!


And you had time to post a comment on here? Stop lying..... :roll


Really this I's nothing but a scam ! I've went along with it every year and never ever have I seen one *** thing, oh but I do get many emails telling me to enter ? What a joke


the person who says the've won a million 4 years in a row is full of *** If they currently had 4 million in the bank they certainly would not be surfing this site. PCH lists on all winners by name and state/province on line.

So, as this is not private what is your name 4 x 1 million. I think you are a big liar


At Publishers Clearing House online entries are assigned fully valid SuperPrize Numbers in daily batch mode processing, not in real time. This is why entrants are not given immediate feedback about their SuperPrize Numbers.

Encrypted SuperPrize Number information is securely stored on our mainframe computer in the Contest Audit File, along with entrant ID number, entry date and applicable eligibility data. The Contest Audit File is organized for security and giveaway processing, not for individual entrant queries.

While individual entrant data may be accessed upon special request, it is not an efficient use of mainframe time and, currently, this type of request cannot be accommodated in large volumes. We are exploring the possibility of creating secure individual entrant accounts to allow access to this information on a self-serve basis in the future.

@Deborah Holland @ PCH

Yea, right. A computer generated number would be easy to display right after a customer enters the contest.

Try your runaround with someone who doesn't know better. :(


all this *** is bull ***, there is no such thing as anything free in america anymore :cry


Dont worry about it Ive won the million dollars from them 4 years in a row now without buying one magazine or trinket.