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Publishers clearing house says I owe them $20.45 for some kitchen towels that I ordered. When I asked them to show me the order, I received a collection agency notice instead.

If i didn't order it, and didn't receive it, then I'm not paying for it. Show me were I ordered it! Why is that so hard to send to me and proove to me that I ordered something. That is because I didn't order it!

Funny how people work their business.

Maybe they should claify their paper work before assuming things.


Shanna B.

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I order a Japanese Bonsai. I got a plant all right..a dead one.

Thinking that I can make it come alive again. *** me, I threw all the box and reciept but neither the box nor the reciept have a customer number on it. :x :upset :( ..The price was around 30ish dollar.

I got sucked..DON'T BUY PLANT FROM PCH...Next time I know I can just buy them kind of plant at the mall for less that amount..sucker me.. :p


I received an email saying that I won the pch lotto. The numbers are 47-14-34-85-67-32.

The agent's name is Barry Badmos.

His email is pchclaimdpt1@qatar.01. Is this for real or a scam?


The "welcome package" described by Latoya does not sound like it was from the real Publishers Clearing House. It may have been another company with a soundalike name. PCH does not solicit orders over the phone and does not sell "welcome packages." You can call PCH customer service toll free at 1-800-645-9242 for a no-hassle cancellation of any order placed at Publishers Clearing House.


unable to find the 10 million form from pch and the 100 hundred form also


I agree. They should definitely clear their paper work before they bring havoc in the lives of others.

I was recently contacted about a "welcome package" and had given all of my information, with the understanding that there would be NO CHARGE to my account. But then, once the lady received my information, she proceeds to tell me that the entire thing is like $68.00!!!!! We the got into a debate because I wanted to cancel the whole thing. She was VERY RUDE and VERY UNPROFESSIONAL!!!

She kept repeating," Let me explain and I'll cancel." But her explanations sounded the same each time. Then after I made the statement," I don't understand why this little debate is taking place because if I feel so strongly about having my order canceled, why are you trying to confuse me by pretending you're not saying what you are?" I don't know if that's their little trick to get people or not, but there's no number to contact anyone. So, when their supposed "welcome package" comes, I will locate their number. Then call customer service and cancel the entire thing as I tried to do before!!

*** customer service lady!! (I will definitly make a complaint about her!)